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On my own personal journey, I was living as part of the fast-paced modern society and felt so driven, motivated and was always busy. After some time of living at that speed, I began to burnout and suffer from anxiety, stress, digestive issues and also moments of being overwhelmed. I decided to take a break from everything and travelled to Bali, Indonesia, to replenish myself and explore meditation, mindfulness, breath work, yoga, cleansing, gratitude practices and rituals. After a few months the seeds were planted to birthing The Little Edamame. I realised that every time I went away, I came back with that renewed sense of calmness, focus, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. I endeavoured to keep some of the daily rituals I had learnt on my adventure as part of my everyday, and rather than make it a chore to add to my to-do list, I saw it as investing in my own wellbeing and happiness. It's easy to go escape and find tranquility and peace, the real work begins when you try to keep that balance and maintain it in the chaos of city life. I realised how much of a need their is for people to have a space to come and feel nourished and relaxed in London. 

At the beginning, I mostly wanted to share my passion for healthy plant-based cooking, nutrition and being creative in the kitchen to inspire the healthy chef in others and show them how delicious vegetarian food can be. It began with a recipe blog, a monthly pop-up supper club and private catering for friends and family. I had originally transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet to heal my gut, and found that I had so much more energy, clarity and lightness that it became a way of life. I am not a strict vegetarian or vegan, as I eat eggs and occasionally eat fish, but I try to eat organic, seasonally and choose foods closest to their natural state. Growing up in a big family, where the kitchen was the hub of the house, home cooked food played a big part in us gathering together. I realised after starting the supper club, that food was only one part of the equation and that bringing people together to connect, talk and share, was just as important.

I had also been hosting women's gatherings and private dinner parties for over 10 years with my close circle, which focused on healthy food, women's topics, sharing experiences, natural skincare and mindful practices. Creating a beautiful space, to bring people of different walks of life to connect on a human level has been so transformative. As my own journey into wellness deepened, I opened the circle further to more women and also men, creating a tranquil space for them to feel nourished, heard, supported and relaxed. The gathering's evolved and grew into into something even more beautiful than I could have imagined. 

The Little Edamame has blossomed further into gathering's focused on holistic wellbeing and the integration between all aspects of the body, mind and soul. Now a trained yoga teacher, sound healer, reiki practitioner, meditation facilitator and chef trained in naturopathic nutrition and herbal medicine, I combine all these passions to offer unique events, classes, workshops and retreats centred around healing, movement, growing, sharing and nourishing. I also offer bespoke and 121 sessions. I am also grateful to collaborate with other facilitators, healers and teachers to co-host and hold space for these magical events. Feel free to get in touch if you feel the call to collaborate, create or throw some ideas together, I'd love to hear from you. 

Come and be part of our TRIBE.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Take your time. We look forward to welcoming you Home.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Roxy x