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wellbeing sessions

I host regular events centred around wellbeing - with meditation, crystal sound bowl healing, health elixirs, herbal teas and sweet treats. Each event is a different theme or topic, but always promises to leave you feeling relaxed, nourished, soothed and de-stressed. 

The crystal quartz singing bowls are a very powerful tool to realign and clear the chakras. They detoxify the body and mind, as well as help you to release any negative energy, stress or trauma. The sound vibrations and frequencies heal, soothe, balance, energise and cleanse. After a session you will feel positive, light and peaceful…..almost like you’ve pressed the pause and re-set button. Take a moment out of your busy life for yourself and come and join us for a session. 

More information on these group wellbeing sessions can be found in the events section.

Using a variety of techniques and tools, I create a completely unique healing and nourishing session for you focused on balancing body, mind and spirit. The sessions are a special and powerful combination of healing tools such as breath-work, guided meditation, mantra, herbal elixirs, crystal sound bowls, reiki, movement and visualisation. Each session is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs and where you are at this moment in time. Before the session, I will have a brief discussion with you about what it is you need to heal, clear or let go of. It may be fear, grief, heartbreak, general modern life stresses, depression, anxiety, feeling ungrounded or unbalanced. Or perhaps you would just like to take some time out for yourself to feel relaxed and pampered. You will leave feeling lighter, more positive, relaxed and nourished. Each session includes a health elixir, herbal tea or health shot, depending on what your needs are.

I also offer sessions to couples to help promote communication, love, compassion, closeness and sexual energy. And I am also able to do small private group sessions for work colleagues, friends, families, baby showers, hen parties and celebrations too. Please feel free to contact me via email or using the contact form to discuss or if you would like more information.

private wellbeing sessions