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Sound Meditation and Healing Frequencies

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - Berthold Auerbach

Sound healing is a powerful tool to aid relaxation, de-stressing and healing. Using a variety of techniques and tools, I create magical nourishing sessions focused on balancing the body, mind and spirit. The sessions are a combination of transformative healing tools such as breath work, guided meditation, mantra, crystal sounds bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, rattles, chakra instruments and bells. I run regular healing sound immersions, as well as offering private group sessions, couples sessions and 121 sessions. For more information or to collaborate, please get in touch.


Crystal Sounds

The crystal quartz sound bowls are a very powerful tool to realign and balance the chakras. They help detoxify the body and mind, as well as help to release any negative energy, stress or trauma. The sound vibrations and frequencies heal, soothe, energise and cleanse.

£20 per person

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Chakra Healing

A rainbow inspired session, combining colour visualisation, meditation, mantra, chakra instruments and crystals to help align and clear the energy blockages within you. You will feel more relaxed and grounded after the session.


£20 per person


Sound Immersion

A relaxing experience of sound healing using a variety of instruments and tools, including crystal sound bowls, Tibetan chimes, drums, chakra instruments, rattles, xylophone and healing frequencies for a more powerful and immersive experience. 

£20 per person

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Couples Session

A relaxed session for 2 people to improve communication, reconnect and enjoy together. I use a combination of guided meditation, deep breath work, light movement, some basic tantric practices and a healing sound bowl bath. Great for couples, friends, parents/children.

£60 per hour

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121 Sessions

A completely bespoke session to meet your needs using a combination guided meditation, sound healing, gentle breath work, movement, visualisation and chakra work. The session can be created to fully support and nourish you. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to pause and re-set.


£60 per hour 

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Reiki Healing

An ancient Japanese technique of using light touch and energy to help reduce stress or tension and help promote healing and better life force energy flow through the body.

A session will treat the whole body, mind and spirit and bring harmony, peace and wellbeing.

£60 per hour